About Me

I’m a journalist by trade turned PR / Corp Comm professional.  My passion is telling good, interesting stories from a journalist perspective to capture the imagination and the heart of the reader.  My blog is designed to provide an insider’s perspective on public relations, marketing, social media and corporate communications.  What’s more interesting is how I apply my journalism experience and skill set to succeed in the world of PR/Marketing/Social Media.

In my constant pursuit of the next big thing, I am continually discovering and learning new things in this ever changing PR/marketing  landscape and applying them to my business to understand the successes and failures. So join me as I take you on a journey to the new Marketing / PR 2.0 World according to Cindy Kim.



  1. sarahsaul says:

    I think this blog is great for individuals looking for the a new perspective on combining journalism, marketing and PR. Keep up the great blog posts!

    • Thanks Sarah. I appreciate the comment and feedback. I hope this blog can help a lot of PR professionals better understand ways to employ different tools and channels to communicate in today’s ever changing environment.

  2. I have really been enjoying your blog and am racing to learn as much as possible on digitial PR and brand management. Thanks for your insights.

  3. Kim:

    Nice blog. Just followed you on Twitter. Gotta read more of your posts. Some interesting facts about the PR and marketing.


    • Thank you Terence. I am now following you on Twitter. If you have any recommendations for a blog post let me know.

      Thanks again and I really appreciate you visiting the blog and subscribing.

      Cindy Kim

  4. Sara Hammond says:

    Cindy, Saw your Tweet about NASA, which is a government agency, making it even more astonishing that it has been so successful and out front in employing social media.
    The Phoenix Mars Mission was the first NASA foray into Twitter, and Veronica McGregor at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory was truly visionary in her efforts with that medium. She had more than 35,000 followers during the height of the landed mission.
    I attended NASA’s first gathering on social media (they called it Web 2.0 at that point) in late 2007 at Ames Research Lab and even then, the agency was way ahead of the crowd in its activities.
    Sara Hammond
    former public affairs officer for the Phoenix Mars Mission, University of Arizona

    • Sara,
      Thanks for your comment. Wow – that’s fantastic. I think most people miss the fact that NASA was one of the true social media pioneers so this write up is a great way to provide some insight into what NASA is doing to connect with the masses. Thank you for sharing your insight with me and my readers.

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